Sage Timeslips Small Business Accounting Solutions

You don’t have to be an accountant to realize the correlation between your time, your sensitive financial and billing data, and your money. You also don’t need to hire an accountant to track and invoice for your billable hours. Sage Timeslips is the perfect accounting software for attorneys, consultants, accountants, architects, and other service professionals who need a way to prepare bills and statements, generate reports, track payments, and manage your billable hours across multiple clients. Unlike Quickbooks and other accounting software, Sage Timeslips allows flexibility in a variety of aspects, including hourly, contingency, flat fee, percentage of completion, interim billing, progress billing, and more.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up and configuring Sage Timeslips may seem like a monumental task, but Sage Timeslips installation and set up is easy.

Secure Data

Sage Timeslips' secure server keeps your important financial data safe against corruption or theft.

Accounting Metrics at a Glance

The Sage Timeslips Today dashboard view provides Sage Timeslips users with valuable customizable accounting information.

The Sage Timeslips experts at JCS Computer can help you learn how to get the most out of your Sage Timeslips software!

Ease of Use

Simplifying your accounting with Sage Timeslips is so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't switch accounting programs sooner.

Enter Time and Expenses Remotely

With Sage Timeslips, accounting is convenient! Enter time and expenses remotely through Sage Timeslips eCenter.

Full Accounting Software Integration

Sage Timeslips fully integrates with other accounting software programs, such as Quickbooks and Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree).

Sage Timeslips Classes

Whether you're a beginning Sage Timeslips user or an advanced Timeslips user, JCS Computer has Sage Timeslips training classes to fit your needs! Learn about Sage Timeslips setup, billing, and how to enter data into Sage Timeslips-and so much more!

Sage Timeslips Feature Comparison

Sage Timeslips Feature Comparison between Premium, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 versions

Sage Timeslips Support

JCS Computer has been certified in Sage Timeslips since 2001, providing quality support to thousands of users. Our range of services involved in Sage Timeslips support includes assistance and clarification of error messages, data conversion, linking the software to other accounting software, and general accounting assistance. We can even ensure that you receive support for Sage Timeslips from the same person every time you need help.

Sage Timeslips Data Repair

Your Sage Timeslips data is crucial to your day-to-day success. Are you having problems with your Sage Timeslips database and need to recover your data? Diagnosing a data failure and devising an optimal strategy for repair requires a high degree of training and experience, but don’t panic! We understand the importance of your Sage Timeslips data files and our certified Sage Timeslips consultants can get your data up and running in no time.

With JCS Computers' Sage Timeslips classes, support, and data repair services, you can expect:


Our flexible Sage Timeslips classes are designed with service professionals such as yourself in mind.  Whether you prefer hands-on professional Sage Timeslips software assistance at your office, remote online Sage Timeslips classes and support, or nationwide phone Sage Timeslips classes and support, we guarantee that we can help you make Sage Timeslips work for you. Plus, you’ll work with the same Sage Timeslips specialist every time you need assistance.  We want to be a part of your team!


We offer over 20 Sage Timeslips software training courses, from setting up electronic bill formats to progress billing.  Additionally, we can teach you how to set up your Sage Timeslips software, integrate it with Quickbooks or Sage 50 Accounting, or even help integrate it with Point of Sale software such as AccuPOS.  Additionally, our Sage Timeslips certified engineers provide support for all versions of Sage Timeslips, from 2001 to 2017.  Whether you’re a seasoned Sage Timeslips professional or you’re just starting out with Sage Timeslips, we have a variety of classes to fit your needs.


All of our Sage Timeslips classes are taught by seasoned software engineers with real business experience. Maximize your software investment by learning how to set up efficient Sage Timeslips processes and the best practices for this product.  We are so confident in our services that each class has a 100% satisfaction guarantee – or the class is free!

Sage Timeslips Support Testimonials

JCS Support has been providing Sage Timeslips support and classes for 30 years.

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