JCS Computers' Sage Timeslips Online Training course is ideal for the person who has had some experience with the basic features of Timeslips. This training will discuss some of the more advanced features of Sage Timeslips, such as custom fields, reports and custom reporting, template clients, categories, replacement slips, client funds, security and some new features introduced in Version 11.

Sage Timeslips Client Information

Template Clients

ability to track your own custom information. Template clients save your company valuable time when defining clients.

Automatic Rate Rules

Rules for determining rates on slips for your clients.Learn More !

Importing and Exporting Client Information
Client Funds

Tracking retainers and manage trust funds, for your clients.

Text Search

To find specific text within specific areas of the database. (conflict checker)

Sage Timeslips Advanced Reporting

Sage Timeslips Report
Reports that are defined in Timeslips. Learn how to select and sort reports and how to configure report options and formats.
Slip User-Defined Report

Timeslips report that is customized by the user.

Saving Report Criteria
Client User-Defined Report

Report that is custom defined with the client in mind.

Add a Report Wizard

Help in finding the report that you need and defining your own reporting tab.

Sage Timeslips Grouping

Custom Fields

Ability to track your own custom information


Grouping related tasks and expense activities together during billing for accounting purposes.

Replacement Slips

Replaces a group of slips of a given type with one entry on the bill.

Sage Timeslips Security

Global Security
Security Profiles
Timekeepers Rights