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If you have corporate clients that require invoices to be formatted in a specific mannner for electronic submission there are interfaces Sage Timeslips electronic billing offers as a way to generate invoices that confirm to these required formats. Our consultants can assist you in setting any of thes formats.

  • Chubb Legalgard
  • CLASS Audit
  • Data Clearinghhouse
  • Examen
  • F&D Legalgard
  • General Accounting Legalgard
  • Great American Legalgard
  • Law Audit Service (LAS)
  • LEDES 97
  • LEDES 98
  • Legal Bill Format
  • Legalgard
  • Legal Solutions Suite
  • Pro Fee Manager by Peerpoint
  • TyMetrix
  • VIK Broghers Legalgard

You can print to display, a printer, RTF or PDF files and can use the bill design tool to create professional looking invoices. Want to learn more about the many benefits of billing through Sage Timeslips? Call Today 800.475.1047 for Sage Timelsips Support . The additional electronic billing formats are available for an additional fee. Sage Timeslips software and all its trademarks are owned by Sage Software.


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