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Enable the feature. From the main menu choose Setup then Security then Global. Once In the Global Security dialog box locate and select the Enable Slip Approval check box and click OK.

Assign the right to approve slips to selected timekeeppers. From the main menu select Setup then Security then Timekeeper Rights. Once Timeslilps displays the Timekeeper Security window enter the Supervisor password and then click OK. Then select the timekeeper to whom you want to assign approval rights, and then click the Open button. 

Using the Area list down arrow choose slip then select the change slip approval status check box. Click on the check box to the left of the option, not the one in the Profile column. Select OK.

Select all timekeepers whose slips require approval one at a time. From the main task bar select Names then timekeeper Info. Then select the slips require approval to be billed check box. Select Save.


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