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Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has extensive experience servicing Timeslips software, including data conversion and repair. Our certified, courteous staff will be happy to help with your Timeslips data conversion or upgrade. Call us today.

There are many ways in which data is converted within the Sage Timeslips computer environment. This may be seamless, as in the case of upgrading to a newer version of your Sage Timeslips Software. Alternatively, the conversion may require processing by the use of a special conversion program such as excel, tab delimited, comma delimited, xls or csv file formats. Additionally, it may require more steps and secondary stages to get the data into a format acceptable to the receiving program. Sometimes you may import or export data from one program to another but rarely would either of those end up perfect so some data scrubbing is always necessary. It is always recommended to review the data in the originating system against the receiving system to confirm we have all the information we will need in the new system before we begin to enter new activity into it.


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